My Vision

For many years I worked in education as a teacher and leader and was always frustrated by the lack of emphasis in our education system on nurturing the spiritual and emotional aspects of our being. Education seemed mostly to be about academic results and developing the skills required to enter the work force. There were components of pastoral care and spirituality, but the demands of the curriculum meant that often these aspects came a distant second place to the rigid timetable of subjects.

Over the years, I have observed an increased disconnection in our young people – a disconnection from themselves, each other, and the natural world. This disconnection seemed to manifest itself in various unhealthy and harmful ways – increased mental illness in the form of anxiety, depression and self harm, and a heavy reliance on medication. This saddened me greatly as I saw many young people drift further from themselves as they desperately tried to survive in a world that placed great pressure on them; pressure to work hard and get good grades, engage in a multitude of co-curricular activities, pursue a stable career and so on. The impact of  technology has also been huge, mostly in a positive way, but it seems to have increased the disconnection as their gaze became increasingly fixed on a screen and “learning” became dependent on having a device.

My disillusionment led me down a path away from teaching, and into an ancient wisdom which spoke of a state of “primal simplicity”, where life seemed focused on Being rather than Doing, and where love and compassion for all living creatures appeared to be the driving force. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu asks us to “allow our heart to empty itself of all turmoil. To retrieve the utter tranquility of mind from which (we) issued…to live in synchronicity with processes…to be completely authentic, sincere, natural and innocent” and to reconnect with the “inexhaustible greatness and wonderfulness of the universe.”  

In keeping with Lao Tzu’s noble goal, my work will focus on embracing an alternative paradigm so that we can re-establish the connection that we seem to have lost as we have “evolved”. Through the practice of Reiki, and various other practices such as meditation and Thai Reflexology, we can tap into that “inexhaustible greatness and wonderfulness of the universe” so that we can let go of what is holding us back, achieve greater mental clarity, and spark the energy and vitality we need to attain our Higher Selves.

In addition to individual sessions, I will be running “Healing Retreats” which will immerse participants in an experience where they get back in touch with their true selves and come to recognise that our current way of life is the cause of many of our health issues – both mentally and physically. The first of these Retreats will be a Father/Son experience where the world of work, school, peers and pressure is set aside for a while, and where we can catch a glimpse of a world where human connection and love are the driving forces that lead to health and happiness.  

I look forward to traveling this journey with you!