My Services

Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I can accompany you on your journey and help you to find the meaning and purpose you are looking for. Life can be difficult to negotiate at times, so having someone to gently guide you along can take some of the pressure off and enable us to see the path ahead more clearly. Through the use of various psychotherapy and counselling skills, I can help you develop an understanding of what may be holding you back in becoming your best self.


The natural healing energy which helps us become our highest, greatest and most perfect self. The Universal Life Force cleanses and heals energetic imbalances at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and at the soul level. Reiki is the touch of pure love and compassion which comes from the Divine Source.

Thai Reflexology/Foot Massage

An ancient technique which is relaxing yet invigorating. By stimulating the Sen Lines, blockages are removed and energy flows more freely throughout the body. Circulation is improved, which in turn, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity and immunity, and creates a general overall feeling of wellbeing.

Healing Retreats

Our hectic lifestyles and the demands of work, can often detract from our relationships and create tension. These Retreats will provide an opportunity for fathers (or other significant males) and their adolescent sons, to reconnect and to become immersed in an environment which nurtures this special relationship. (More information regarding dates and the specific program will be will be provided in the near future).